New Personal Income Tax Rates Tanzania

Tanzania Revenue Authority released the New Personal Income Tax Rates for Individuals applicable effective 1st of July, 2010. The new rates as TRA claims will reduce the lowest tax rate for resident individuals from 15% to 14 %.

The new rates are as follow:-


Maxima Regino said...

Your figures are in error. The taxes for both Clinton and Bush were calculated using the maximum rate for that selected income. For instance the Clinton 1999 tax rate on 30K was 28%, which is what they used to get the 8400 figure. However taxes are not calculated that way. The first 25K of income would have been 2013 tax brackets at the lower 15% bracket first, thus yielding a much lower figure than what you show.I am not arguing that Bush doesn't have lower taxes. He certainly does. Of course he obtained his lower tax brackets by using deficit spending and increasing the national debt. Add back in the interest payments we'll be making and I bet Bush actually cost taxpayers far more than Clinton ever did.