Television and Radio Stations in Tanzania

The electronic media scenario in Tanzania is at a very infant stage in comparison to the world scenario. There are various factors to it. Competencies, skilled people, freedom of press, lack of training institutions are some of them. However, there are quite a number of television & radio stations in Tanzania.

Notable of them in TV stations are; Star TV, ITV, TBC 1 the State television, Channel 10 who have a National presence. TBC is considered to have the most coverage in the country, followed closely by Star TV. ITV, Channel 10 are considered to have a lower coverage. With the introduction of various DTH (Direct to Home) services like DSTV the scenario is fast changing in the urban areas.

Unlike in other countries where individual agencies are there to measure effectiveness of TV & Radio stations for advertisers, Tanzania falls way behind. Synovate, the erstwhile Steadman, comes up with TAMPS (Tanzania All Media ------- Survey) every year. The report however does not cover all aspect of a Media survey. It's more of a snapshot of the overall scenario of TV, Radio, Outdoor & Print media. GRPs & TRPs are not available for TV. Hence, media planners rely heavily on the TAMPS for their media buying.

In Radio stations, there are quite a number of them. Notable are RFA (Radio Free Africa), Radio One, Clouds FM, EA Radio, Times FM, Kiss FM, TBC Taifa, TBC FM, Magic FM, Uhuru FM, Triple A, Sauti ya Tanzania Zanzibar and numerous community radio stations. The big players in the national scenario are RFA (Radio Free Africa), TBC Taifa, TBC FM, Kiss FM, Radio One.


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